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QMediaPlayer Documentation is wrong, or am I ?

  • I was hoping that someone here could check my thinking. As far as I can tell, the Docs for QMediaPlayer appear to have a typo at the first example under details

    player = new QMediaPlayer;
    connect(player, SIGNAL(positionChanged(qint64)), this, SLOT(positionChanged(qint64)));
    player->setMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile("/Users/me/Music/coolsong.mp3")); # <- Here's the error

    player->setMedia appears to have the following signature: void setMedia(const QMediaContent &media, QIODevice *stream = Q_NULLPTR) while QUrl::fromLocalFile returns a QUrl

    I'm new to Qt, so, I don't want to run off half-cocked and report an issue. I'll do so, but am I seeing this right ?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Nothing to do with Qt.

    See the second constructor of QMediaContent. It takes a QUrl so basically what happens is that you have a QMediaContent automatically created from the QUrl.

    See converting constructor for more information.

  • @SGaist Thanks, that clears that up for me. I didn't ask about it, to keep the question concise, but now I see how this complicates translating the example into the PyQt5 bindings, which is what I'm working through. So this explains why a c++ application could successfully mimic that example, but a PyQt5 binding application could not. Excellent answer, thanks again for the help.

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