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Qt Installer Framework and sh-scripts

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    Hello everyone,

    I try to deploy an App with the Qt InstallerFramework across platforms.

    For MacOS I run into a bit of an problem.

    The component.addOperation("CreateShortcut"...) is not supported and there seems to be no alternative. Pls correct me if I'm wrong here.

    So I created a script

    osascript <<END_SCRIPT
    tell application "Finder" to make alias file to file (posix file "$1") at desktop

    this is shipped with my App-Bundle and executed in the Component.prototype.installationFinished = function()

    So far so good, it works as I want it to.

    Using the MaintenanceTool that is created by the Framework and upon selecting

    • Update components
    • Remove all components

    The alias gets not deleted/removed automatically.

    So I created a 2nd simple script

    rm -r ~/Desktop/AppName

    But I have no idea where and how to include this in the installerscript.qs. Any help is appreciated.

  • @j-hilk said in Qt Installer Framework and sh-scripts:


    In /config/config.xml you specify a control script:


    Then in /config/deinstallscript.qs you invoke the .bash shell script using something like:

    Controller.prototype.uninstallationStartedFunction = function() {
    	try {
    		if (systemInfo.kernelType === "winnt") {
    			console.log("Uninstalling on Windows"); 
    		} else if (systemInfo.kernelType === "darwin") {
    			console.log("Uninstalling on MacOS");
    			//Use a bash to do the linux desktop specific de-installation
    			var args = ["@HomeDir@"];
    		    	installer.executeDetached("@TargetDir@/macUninstall.bash", args);
    		} else if (systemInfo.kernelType === "linux"){
    			console.log("Uninstalling on Linux");
    	} catch(e) {
    function Controller() {
    	installer.uninstallationStarted.connect(this, Controller.prototype.uninstallationStartedFunction);

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    hi @myk321

    thanks for the answer, I hadn't the time to test it yet, so I'll leave to topic open for now, but I#ll come back to it later this week.

    I think you've tested this and from what I see your solution seems sounds. Is this bound to a specific version of the QtIFW ? Or has it been there from the beginning?

  • @jhilk: I'm not sure if it's been there since the beginning, but have tested it against the latest version of QtIFW, so 3.1 on MacOs and Ubuntu and 3.0 on Windows.

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