Make virtual webCam and use Microsoft_DirectShow_API on qt

  • Hello everyone,
    I am a developer, I develop a project to make virtual webcam on windows 10 and use it with skype.
    I found the sample source to create virtualCam with the Directshow API, but I don't know how use it with Qt creator and the DirectShow API didn't work on Qt.
    Can anyone please kindly help?

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    @userDEV Hi! You should be more precise: what exactly did you try and what did not work?
    Did you try to build the example source code?
    What Qt version did you install?
    Which Visual Studio version do you use?

  • @jsulm thanks for reply,
    I used Qt5.7, and this example source code created a dll file and I registered it with << regsvr32 vcam.dll>>
    After that, I implemented a project ,on VS express 2013 with Directshow API, to select the new virtual device and I put it by images or avi video, but it doesn't show any preview.
    What I should do ? how can I use this DirectshowAPI on Qt ? or Is there any other way on Qt to make a virtual webcam ?

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    @userDEV You can use it as any other C++ API. You just need to point the compiler to the directory containing the header files and tell linker where the libraries are. See "Declaring Other Libraries" in

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