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  • Hi there. I am doing a project with Qt and OpenGL. I have had some good experiences with Qt in the past (most 4.x). Now I am using 5.8 and need to create a OpenGL widget. I have looked at a couple of examples and think I understand them. The trouble is I don't get anything displayed in my widget except the background. I was reading OpenGL SuperBible. It seems things are a little different between the examples the SuperBible has and the way Qt does things. In order to do some debugging the SuperBible say I can create queries to get some info about the pipelines status. There is an OpenGL function called glGenQuery, which returns a GLint. After you have generated a query, you can get several parameters about the pipeline.
    Qt does not seem to have the glGenQuery function, or other related functions to probe the status of the pipeline. Is there some way to do this. Are there any tips for trying to figure out what is going on. I am willing to read the Qt docs, but there is not a lot of stuff about the Qt/OpenGl API.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean glGenQueries ? If so, you'll find it in the QOpenGLExtraFunctions class. If not, can you link to the documentation of that function ?

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