Performance trend in Jenkins

  • Is there a way to get QBENCHMARK performance trend in Jenkins? There is a few Jenkins plugins for that purpose but their input formats are not available under QTest unit test applications output choices.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What format are they using ?

  • Thank you SGaist

    Each Jenkins performance plugin uses different formats. For example, the following plugin uses this format : DTD report

    Unfortunetly, the XUnit format (option -xunitxml) of the QTest applications don't output any benchmark data while Jenkins plugins could use it.

    The options : -csv -xml -lightxml outputs benchmark data but I didn't found any Jenkins plugin for those formats.

    Is there a converter somewhere ?

  • I use Jenkins but I only use unit tests rather than benchmarks so I can't be certain but I feed -xml output to plugins that expect XUnit and works fine

  • Yes that's right. Jenkins unit test plugins can process -xml output. It works fine. But Jenkins performance plugins dont recognize this format.

  • If there is not way to get benchmark trend running in Jenkins, maybe I could develop a converter. Something like this :

    $ ./myQtTests -x lightxml | ./myConverter > supportedJenkinsPluginFormat.xml

    ... unfortunately, it's very time consuming :(

    If someone else know a better solution...

  • Hello. We have exactly the same problem and so far we haven't found a solution. Would it be too much trouble to send us that xml conversion project?

    Thank you very much.