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Multiple LineEdits focus issues

  • Hello,

    I am creating an IP Editor custom plugin using 4 QLineEdits. I am using 4 LineEdits so that the end user has the ability to edit each input mask individually. I have set them all to ClickFocus. However, my issue is that, say the IP Editor is completely empty and a user clicks on the third input mask, how do I force the cursor and focus to be on the first input mask instead? Would it be easier to set the latter 3 to read only at startup? Or is there a better way of handling this?

    Thank you

  • @Sh1gs ,
    connect(m_LineEdit3, SIGNAL(textChanged(QString)),this,SLOT(enableLineEditIP(QString)));

    void Widget :: enableLineEditIP(QString str) {
    if(m_LineEditIP->text().isEmpty()) {

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    @Sh1gs I wouldn't do it like this. Instead I would disable all 3 line edits on the right side and kepp only the first one on the left side enabled. As soon as the user enters a number into the left line edit I would activate the next line edit and so on.
    Your solution would irritate the user: he/she clicks an line edit but the focus goes to another one. This is unexpected behaviour.

  • Thank you @Vinod-Kuntoji , unfortunately this method did not work for me.

    @jsulm I tried this method yesterday after submitting the forum and it does work, it just requires more coding to enable the other 3 edits. I was just hoping there was a cleaner way, almost like lineedit->resetcursorposition(int).

  • @Sh1gs

    This topic might be of interest to you , since it looks like your problem setting.


  • Thanks @Eddy, I've seen this topic and used a lot of the methodologies from it already.

    I will go ahead and mark this topic as solved. I went ahead and set the last 3 LineEdits to readOnly at startup and then change them accordingly as numbers are entered.

    Thank you everyone

  • Thanks for posting your solution.

    Happy coding.