How to add include path to imported c/c++ project

  • Hi. I just imported my c/c++ project into qt creator which does not have any .pro files.
    Build and run is ok but code completion does not working for some objects that refer from different include paths even if they are in the same project directory.

    most of source codes are in
    and look for headers in followings
    #include <uORB/topics/control_state.h>
    #include <uORB/topics/home_position.h>
    #include <uORB/topics/manual_control_setpoint.h>
    #include <uORB/topics/parameter_update.h>
    #include <uORB/topics/position_setpoint_triplet.h>

    currently these statements are yellowish as the files are actually in

    How can I manually add /build/src/modules directory into my working directory?

  • Hi!

    which does not have any .pro files

    what build system do you use?

  • I am currently using
    for building the project and my gcc version is
    $ gcc --version
    gcc (Ubuntu 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3) 4.8.4


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    @Kyubot The question was not which compiler you're using but which build system. You said there is no pro file, so it is not qmake. Is it CMake or something else?

  • @jsulm
    Oh that's right, it's CMake.

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