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Qt Creator does not respond when creating new Dialog

  • I'm working on Windows 10 x64 and checkout my Qt project. When I was trying to create a new Dialog using 'Add new File...' option on one of my project. Following the wizard, I gave the new Dialog class a name and press 'next'. The Qt creator dialog did not respond any more. I kill the Qt creator using Task Manager and restart the Qt creator, trying to create a new class to test it, but this problem still happened.
    Besides, I managed to program, carry out version control, manipulate the building kits, debugging the code, seems everything is OK except that New Items could not be added.

    Any idea to shoot this issue would be appreciated.

    [1] I am working on a newly installed Windows 10 x64 system (which is unable to run Windows Update, still working on it.)
    [2] Qt Creator 5.8.0 + Windows Kits 8.1(as Debugging tools) + VS 2013 + CMake 3.8.1
    [3] Other functions seems rather good except 'Adding new Files...", not carrying out functions trials ubiquitously.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The first thing I'd do is update Qt Creator to the latest version which is 4.3.

    Then, doesn't it happen with any project or just this one ?

  • Hello, SGaist :-) Thanks for your reply.
    [1] I eventually managed to complete the “Add New File ...” wizard by update the Qt Creator to 4.3.0, hooray!
    [2] It happened to all projects, not just the project I was working on.

    But withfurther questions
    (1) How could I Uninstall the previous version of Qt Creator 4.2.0?
    (2) Why not combine the Qt Creator 4.3.0 to Qt 5.8.0 ad the official creator version? So that such issue would not bother anybody else~

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    @Taylor If you use the online installer you will get the latest official QtCreator and can update it easily using Qt Maintenance Tool

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