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Qt5OpenGL.dll error

  • Hello!

    Qt5OpenGL.dll is on my system @: C:\Qt\Qt5.6.2\5.6\msvc2013_64\bin

    But when I try to run an executable file built with VS 2013, appears an error messagem saying that Qt5OpenGL.dll is missing in my computer...But it isn't...
    QT installed it and doesn’t know where it is?

    Any clue for what do I have to do to fix this?

    Thank you very much!!

  • @AnaM

    Are you starting your own application?

    If yes, do you start it from Qt creator?

  • Yes I am strating my application.
    I am starting it from the folder to where it was released by VS. Do I need to start from Qt creator?

  • @AnaM said in Qt5OpenGL.dll error:

    I am starting it from the folder to where it was released by VS. Do I need to start from Qt creator?

    No there is no need to use Qt creator, but your application requires access to Qt dlls. There are a couple of options.

    1. You can set a path to Qt dlls in your environment setting PATH
    2. You can copy the required dlls to the place where your application resides.

    You can also have a look to the wiki
    Note, this has been written for MinGW, but the general guideline shall be allright.

    Unfortunately, I am not using MSVC therefore, I am not completely sure, what the best way with MSVC is.
    There should be also another section in teh documentation explaining how to do with msvc, but I could not find right away.

  • Moderators

    @AnaM HI,

    I find the wiki page @koahnig linked a bit lacking, it's alright, but not really detailed.

    To simply start your programm you should use Qt-Creator, because it will do all the needed linking on itself, but only once, for this execution of the file!

    To make you app/programm a "standalone" application you should look into the QTDeployment tool, very usefull for windows and mac. In 90% of all cases it will get all necessary dlls and copy them in the same folder as your exe.
    Ignore the static libary part of that document!

    Than you just copy the whole folder to wherever you want to, as long as the exe is in there with all the dlls, the program will start.

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