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  • Hello all,
    I have a question. Write a simple Qt application dealing with plots and graphics at home. Built an executable file, brought it to another desktop. Tried to run the application but could not because system requires QtCore library. I am a beginner in Qt, just started to learn it. Is it normal? I expected that all is included during linking of the object files. How can I run executable file linked on one computer on another one?
    Any information is very much appreciated.

  • @nikita1985

    If you are running application on windows box, along with executable, copy the required dll's in a same folder. to check what are all the dll's requires just click on executable it will shows popup window with required library name. without library you cant run it on other computer.

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    @nikita1985 Follow the link @Flotisable provided.
    Your expectation is wrong: usually applications are linked dynamically against shared libraries. That means that shared libraries are not included into the executable files and needs to be there when starting the executable. You can avoid most Qt dependencies when using a static Qt build - static libraries are put into the executable during linking. But it is not an easy task to build Qt, you should just use shared libraries (which is done in most cases) and deploy your app to execute it on other machines.

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