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DllImport (c#) and Qt

  • Hi. I have a dll written in Qt with a QThread object in it. The Qthread sends an event every each second to an callback in the C# program.
    If the Qthread invokes the callback directly the program works. I have in the C# layer on event every second.
    But If I use "connect" instead of the callback directly I never have the event.
    Sounds an the event queue in the Qt dll does not starts correctly.
    How can I start it?

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    You should show your code.

  •     pCallback= NULL;
        Timer= new QTimer();
        connect(Timer, SIGNAL(timeout()), this, SLOT(OnTimer()));
        ThTest= new QThTest(this);
        qDebug() << "DllTest::DllTest()";

    If I use this dll with a program written in Qt che row below works perfectly.

        connect(Timer, SIGNAL(timeout()), this, SLOT(OnTimer()));

    But if I use this dll with a program written in C# I never have the event. I think the problem is that a program written in Qt has got an compatible internal event queue but the C# program not.

  • Hi,

    You might have a look at the Dot Net Example
    It explains the use of managed code with Qt.

    Also, there is a similar topic

    Hope it helps you in the right direction.


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    @mrdebug I guess you do not have event loop in your dll and since there is no Qt event loop in a pure C# program it does not work.

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