Database Suggest with Qt Framework

  • Hello QDevnet,
    I want to make an desktop application to manage document database.

    • 1 server pc
    • 3-4 user
    • Lots of files(document)
      My aim is read the documents with sensor and save the database. Only document's id and reading time information.
      So, to make this project for my office, what is the best and free solution with Qt?
      For example, Qt with MySql or Qt with xxxxSql or whatever? I'm not a database expert. I need a free and correct solution my project.
      Thanks four your support.
      Best regards,

  • If u want ev everything free better go MySQL on ubuntu. It should work. U can check how to work with qt and db in google.

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    @ideadesigner "read the documents with sensor" - what does this mean? What sensors? How can sensors read documents?
    If I understand you correctly (your description is unclear) you do not want to store documents in the db but some information like id (what ever it is) and access time? 3-4 users and small amount of data? Then you can just use SQLite - no need to install a SQL server then.

  • @dheerendra
    I've tried postgresql database and I've watched and red the qt examples.

    Sorry for unclear explanation.
    From my GUI, I will query the document's last RFID log.(The document's place and document's reading time from hardware)
    Documents are tagged with RFID sticker.

    • I will read the documents's sticker with UHF hardware.
    • Amount of query transaction about ~200-300 in a day.
    • All of the documents about ~20000.

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    @ideadesigner Well, you can use MySQL or PostgreSQL, both are free and supported by Qt.

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