Use public slots or private slots?

  • I have some time working with Qt and I have always used private slots. I have never thought too much about it.

    Currently, I have an application with several dialog boxes, which in turn have a number of widgets. The functionalities that must be executed when the user interacts with such widgets
    are implemented as slots. Example: Clicking on a particular button zooms in on an image that is displayed.

    Now I ask myself:

    Is it correct that such slots are private?
    Would it be of any use to make such public slots?
    What is expected (standard) in these cases?

  • @isaacEnrique

    Well, slots are basically normal routines of your class, sicne you may use them also directly. Therefore, I would consider the private and public declaration as a matter of use and philosphy. If private is sufficient, I would use private slots. However, I am using slots across different classes and therefore, most of my slots are public.

  • @isaacEnrique

    there is no harm with using slot as a private member, if you are making use of those slots within the same class. it is just a normal member function there is nothing more than normal function... but if you want use those slot outside of the class then you should declare as a public slots.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    In addition previous posts, private or public slots have no significance with Qt C++ environment if you are using slots in the context of signal-to-slot communication. If you are interested to call this slots as normal member function then public/private is applicable. Also if you are trying to call the slots from QML environment, then slots need to be public only.

  • hi,
    if you decide to use mostly the new syntax for Signal/Slot connection, it breaks the problem even more down to "should this function be public or private".

    With the new syntax you actually do no longer need to specify a function as a SLOT, that part is now totaly ignored.
    It is ignored by the compiler anyway as it is only used by the Q_OBJECT macro.

    Howerver, it will make your header file much easier to read and understand, if you still do it.

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