Qt5Core.dll is detected as key-logger by antivirus

  • I have a Qt application installed on several machine. Some of this machine have Quick-heal antivirus and some of them have McAfee antivirus.
    couple of machine with quick-heal antivirus reported as Qt5Core.dll as keylogger when uninstalling application.

    keylogger detected

    antivirus version

    Dll version

    AccessMask : 1507775
    Archive : TRUE
    Compressed : FALSE
    CreationClassName : CIM_LogicalFile
    CreationDate : 20170518134937.795701
    CSCreationClassName : +330
    CSName : Win32_ComputerSystem
    Encrypted : DESKTOP - MTJIRFE
    EncryptionMethod : FALSE
    Extension : dll
    FileName : qt5core
    FileSize : 5364224
    FileType : Application Extension
    FSCreationClassName : Win32_FileSystem
    FSName : NTFS
    Hidden : FALSE
    Manufacturer : The Qt Company Ltd
    Readable : TRUE
    Status : OK
    System : FALSE
    Version :
    Writeable : TRUE

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    @Mandar I guess a false positive.
    From where did you get Qt? If from official web-site then it is a false positive.
    You can upload the DLL to https://www.virustotal.com to be sure.

  • @jsulm as per virustotal.com it seems ok

    As per https://www.virustotal.com
    SHA256: 6060c817a8b7d95624520562b27b48573c7ec00fe0f75a706edcdc0b01558b1d
    File name: Qt5Core.dll
    Detection ratio: 0 / 55
    Analysis date: 2017-01-20 06:16:03 UTC ( 3 months, 4 weeks ago )

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