Cant connect to in-process debugger, application with plugins and multiple QQmlEngines

  • Hi
    I have the environment described in the title
    The application when it starts, it load two static plugins, then using some clases defined there it loads a QML GUI in a QQmlEngine and the "logic" in another QQmlEngine.
    Both, the interface and the "logic" load more plugins...
    Before they solved the bug to debug multiple QQmlEngines,i was able to debug unless one engine, depending what i was loading first.
    But now, it cant connect to any of them, telling that the port is busy...

    Any idea?
    Should i use same QQmlEngine for all...?
    Any way to debug why it cant connect?


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    Might be related to QTBUG-49615.

  • I checked that bug, but that seems related to put breakpoints. I cant even connect to the debugger and if i set it to wait for it, application never starts...

    I think it may be related to
    I hope i get some free time to test it a bit... building same application with no static plugins... but wanted to comment it in case it turns on the lightbulb in someone and bring some light to it...

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    What platform are you running ?

  • Windows 7 mingw

    I will try in linux... if it is happening the same

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