Connect signal to signal

  • As the title says I want to connect signal to a signal but the compiler gives me this error:

    error: no matching function for call to '_Camera::connect(MarkFrame*&, const char*, _Camera*, const char*)'
    _Camera::_Camera(QString camera_name){
         this->camera_name = camera_name;
         markFrame = new MarkFrame;

    What could be the problem?

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    placed in the signal section ?
    Also clean build folder and re-run qmake and then rebuild all just to be sure.

  • @mandruk1331 To add to @mrjj is MarkFrame derived from QOjbect and contains the Q_OBJECT macro?

  • @mandruk1331

    First you make sure that both the source and destination objects are derived from QObject and as @ambershark said, add Q_OBJECT macro and in connect statement QObject:: is not required because you are already in QObject context only.
    If you go through all the above cases, it should works.

  • @mandruk1331 Iirc the old syntax does not support signal to signal connections, you should use the new one, that way it works for sure.

    connect(markFrame,&MarkFrame::logM ,this,&_Camera::Log);

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    old syntax does do signal to signal or i really have a vivid imagination as i use
    signal to signal to interface to widgets from dialogs. :)

  • @mrjj I just reread the docs and turns out my memory is treasonous thing these last few days...

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    Its due to summer. Brain thinks on other types on 'connections' ;)
    alt text

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