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Setting QTcpServer to port 80.

  • I'm attempting to write HTTP server based on TCP. For now, I'm trying to modify fortune client/server example. However, I'm running into a problem of connecting to port 80. I do know that these ports are protected from using, though is there a away to accomplish that somehow?

    tcpServer->listen(QHostAddress::Any, 80)

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    Its not protected as such but already in use often.
    Can you provide more details about os, firewall settings. Over all design / goals ?

  • I have this task at the university to build local http client-server that would execute elementary GET requests. I'm using Ubuntu(not sure about firewall settings). At this point, I don't have any design, I'm simply using fortune client example from standart Qt examples library, trying to make it work on 80(443) port, which is( as far as I get it) basic thing for building http server.

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    You don't need to use that particular port to develop your application.
    It's usually the front facing application that uses it (apache, nginx, etc).

  • @SGaist But would that count as HTTP server without 80 or 443 port?

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    80 is just an attributed port number, same for 443.

    The tech answering behind doesn't care at all what the port number is.

    Most web development frameworks use 8080 by default.

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