Qmake problems Cross Compile

  • Hi Community,
    I finally get it worked to Cross Compile from Windows 10 to a Raspberry Pi3 with X11.
    But now I have a Problem, I get everytime the Error QtQuick.Virtualkeyboard is not installed.
    But I can open the Keyboard and Type something. But I can't get other Languages then english also not with CONFIG+=lang-all.
    Everytime I want to change something at Qmake I get compiler warnings: "ur qmake in your kit is /...../arm-gnueabihf-g++.exe but your makespecs uses /.../arm-gnueabihf-g++ pls update your kit.

    But in my Kit I only found ....g++.exe there no file without ".exe".

    Anyone solved this Problem?
    Does anyone have suggesstions?

    Best regards,

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