Qt Creator kit calling wrong qmake (but from cmdline OK)

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to do a native compile for my desktop (x86, Linux, 64-bit). If I execute qmake and make from the command line (terminal), things work wonderfully and the executable works.


    When I use Qt Creator, I select my kit (I only have one):
    alt text
    The QT version looks OK (QT 5.8.0 GCC 64-bit):
    alt text

    And if I look at the 'qmake' path that's associated with the above QT version, that all looks fine too (i've highlighted it in the pic, starting with /home/andrew/)

    alt text

    So why when I run 'build' using the selected kit, it seems to be running the wrong qmake version?

    alt text

    Thanks everyone!!

  • Everything seems fixed after I did a project configure. Not quite sure exactly what is going on there. But everything works perfectly now and it's using the correct qmake.

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    What do you mean by "project configure" ? How did you open it the first time when it was failing ?

  • This dialog came up, and after that, all was fixed. But I can't quite seem to know how to get it back for future reference:

    alt text

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    if you delete the .user file it will ask again.
    However, the settings are available in Projects. (left side bar)

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    @andyj25 You should run qmake after changing kit

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