Read CSV and parse

  • Hi all.
    I am new with Qt.
    I need to create a code that will read a selected csv file in any folder and extract the information.
    The data in the csv file is numbers.
    The format is:
    Column, point, latitude ( hemisphere), longitude ( hemisphere), X (UTM), Y (UTM), data 1, data2).
    I used QString and Openfiledialog to indicate the file and read.
    How do I read the information line by line?

  • @Renato_Brasil
    You may have a look at the QFile documentation. There is an example how to read a file line by line

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    This wiki article might also be of interest.

  • @the_ Thanks!

  • @SGaist Thanks!

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    and for splitting, please see
    it will u give u a list of all the keys pr line

    ps. if huge file please read about the
    QVector<QStringRef> QString::splitRef

    its has better performance than the other but if small file and Desktop app, it wont matter much.

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