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Best way to crosscompile from Linux to Windows?

  • Title already explains: using Qt on Ubuntu how can I cross compile for use my app in Windows 10? It's a Desktop application...

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    @alsa See here:
    But I think it would be easier to set up a Windows machine (can be a virtual machine) than doing it this way.

  • My question starts from an app developed to print a PDF file; using the QPDFWRITER library I noticed the version compiled using QT on Linux works fine, while making the same in Qt for Windows something goes wrong. In particular, using this app I printed a text file in PDF format: the version under Linux allows me to edit words when the PDF is done, while version under Windows seems to use fonts not editable using Adobe Acrobat.
    Any idea?

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    @alsa Sorry, I don't understand this: "while version under Windows seems to use fonts not editable using Adobe Acrobat". What does this mean? Do you use the same version of this library on Linux and Windows? And how is this problem related to your original question?

  • I don't know if it's related, but I would try to cross compile from linux To Windows in order to check if problem is solved. All start from a application that print a text document in PDf format using ARIAL font: sometimes I need to correct the date and this is possible editing the file with Adobe Acrobat. Well, this is possible only if I compile my app using Qt from Linux (Arial font still remains the same), while using QT from Windows Arial font seems to have a different feature that doesn't allow to edit it directly.

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