How to create debugging helpers on Windows

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    I'm using QtCreator to contribute to the Godot Engine project, however because this project defines its own container types (Vector, List, HashMap etc) it's impossible to see what's in them.
    I found it was possible to write cross-platform debugging helpers in Python as described here:
    And I wrote this first test code for the Vector<T> type:

    # Just for testing, kind of hello world
    def qdump__Vector(d, value):

    However, nothing works for me so far.
    I tried setting up the "Extra Debugging Helpers" in GDB, nothing happened (I didn't see any option in CDB, though the doc says it's supported).
    I tried putting my helpers Python file in Qt\Tools\QtCreator\share\qtcreator\debugger, nothing happened.
    I even tried modifying an existing file; to add my code, nothing happened either.
    I don't even know if an error occurred.

    I'm lost about how to set this up and develop my helpers. Anyone knows how I should proceed to get started?

    I'm using QtCreator 4.0.3 on Windows.

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    @Zylann I think you should ask on QtCreator developers mailing list as those developers there should know better how to write plug-ins.

  • What is the mainling list? I had a look at but it looks like it's down.

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