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Transparent widgets

  • My GUI application has 5 seperate displays, these are 5 different Qtable widgets which lie over eachother. Each Table widget displays lettres and numbers in certain colors. The machine connected to the MMI (platform for the app) can send instructions whichs tell which of the 5 Qtable widgets is to be displayed. For this I use:

    monitors[index2]->raise(); // monitors are the 5 Qtable widgets

    But now I have been given new information, except for these 5 Qtable widgets there are also 5 graphical pages, for this I am using a QGraphicView widget. At the moment I only have 1 graphic page which has a rectangle, dot and a number.

    The items of the selected QGraphicView widget are to be displayed over the table widget, but I still want to be able to see the Qtable widgets. Even when I would raise another monitor, I still want one of the five graphic pages.

    I can ofcourse raise a graphic widget every time after I raise Qtable widget so that the graphic widget is on top of the widget stack, but can I make the graphic widget transparent so that I can still see the content of the Qtablewidget underneath the Qgraphic widget, where there are no graphic objects?

    So Qgraphic widget must be an overlay over a Qtable widget

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    I don't remember whether the Z index of a QGraphicsProxyWidgetItem is fixed but it could offer a way to have everything in a QGraphicsView and manage everything from there.

    Hope it helps

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