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IPC: Events between processes?

  • Hi all,

    what is the best way to send events between processes with Qt?
    I am writing data to a shared memory randomly. But instead of frequently reading out the shared memory I want to get notified when new data is available.
    D-bus could be a solution, but I think it is not available on windows.
    And I don't want to use Windows events because it should also work on Linux.
    Are there any ipc functions like system wide event between processes in Qt?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @stvokr You could start here:

  • I have started there but there nothing reliable for me.
    As I mentioned, D-bus is Linux only, Window events is Windows only. QSystemSemaphore manages resources but does not notify. Perhaps QUdpSocket as a broadcast could be a solution.

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    D-Bus is available on all three major desktops except it's not installed by default in Linux nor Windows.

    What kind of process do you have in mind ?

    QLocalSocket/Server is the combo that comes to mind.

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