QScintilla - how to set Unix lf, ANSI encoding?

  • I'm writing on asource code Editor for an Amiga Cross Compiling Environment under Linux/Windows/Mac, using Qt5 and QScintilla 2.9.

    The Amiga used an encoding page simmilliar to ECMA Latin-1, which is identical to ISO-8859-1. When opened in Notepad++, an Amiga C source file shows up correctly when set to encoding: Unix lf, ANSI. How to tell my QScitilla textEditor widget to reproduce the same behaviour? ATM, I'm simply initializeing the widget with 'editor.setUtf8(false)' - which ends up in wrong characters. For example, '@' and other certain characters simply are represented as '?'.

    Any help apreciated!

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    You should check the QScintilla mailing list. You'll more likely get an answer there for your problem.

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