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Using QML Sensors from Win10 (Surface)

  • Hi all.
    When I run the sensor_explorer example on Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface, it doesn't report any sensors. That is, the output of QmlSensors.sensorTypes() is an empty list.
    I've tried compiling with both MSVC 2015 and MINGW32 and the Qt 5.7 and 5.9beta, with the same results. I did find a compatibility table on the website which mentions Windows8/RT but no mention of Windows 10.

    I've also tried it on a Win 10 MS Surface and a Lenovo Thinkpad both under Win 10. Neither report any sensors, but if I reboot the notebook into Ubuntu and run the sample app, I have 4 sensors reported.

    Has anyone managed to get the QML Sensors (or QSensor via C++) to work on Windows 10 (or even on a Surface)?

    Any help / pointers appreciated.