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Qt Creator and Python: need for compiler

  • Hi,
    for my app development tasks I used to use Qt Designer which came with PyQt and didn't need a compiler.
    Now with Qt Creator I have to have a compiler installed just to make a .ui form which then I don't even compile but use pyuic5.bat to get a Python class.
    My workaround for now is to keep a blank main window ui. form as a reserve and copy it over every time I start a new app project. That's silly...
    Could the Python people please have the possibility back to just make GUIs and translate them via pyuic?

  • @zacdiggum

    Hi, this is a user forum and it is not monitored for user requests and bug reports.

    In order to be heard by the developers you need to issue a report on JIRA

    If you like to attract some other people with possibly similar request it is advisable to post a link to the "bug/request" report here. This gives others a chance to vote for your request and bring it up on the priority list.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @zacdiggum No need to use QtCreator - just use QtDesigner, it is still available as stand alone application if you install QT/QtCreator.

  • Thank you for your help, koahnig & jsulm...

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