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Error : cannot create file permission denied

  • Hello, I want to open a project with Qt Docker and I have a message saying

    Cannot open ... permission denied. 

    With other projects, It's ok but with others, I have the error. A certain time ago,I remember have seen someone solving it with a Linux command containing three "?" but I don't remember it. Can I have some help, please?
    I'm quite niew, please be indulgent :-)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Where are the files you are trying to open ?
    With what are you trying to open them ?

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    @Pierrot2911 If you are having permissions errors the command they gave you was probably a chmod. Something like chmod 644 filename. However without knowing the current permissions and seeing the file structure I don't want to give you a blanket command as it could really screw things up on your system.

    Can you show us the exact error message an a directory listing of the project, i.e. ls -lha /path/to/project?

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