FontLoader Error Message

  • QML FontLoader: Cannot load font: "c:/data/GEBoxBold.otf", although I test the file found or not and I found it.

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    Does FontLoader support OTF fonts? I've only used it with TTFs, myself.

  • On symbian, I used only ttf, when I try to used otf, the app fail to open or load.

  • Oh, I think FontLoader works only on desktop but on Symbian, it doesn't work.

  • FontLoader works with ttf on symbian^3 but on symbian^1 show this MSG:

    QML FontLoader: Cannot load font: "e:/fonts/LateefRegOT.ttf"

    What is the matter?

  • I can't even make it work on Symbian^3, how did you do ?
    I use :
    FontLoader { id: arialFont; name: "Arial"; source:"qrc:/fonts/arial.ttf"}

    Then I get QML FontLoader: Cannot load font: "qrc:/fonts/arial.ttf" on device
    On simulator it is working fine.

  • this syntax work with me on S^3 and S^1
    FontLoader{id:localFont; source: "../../fonts/LateefRegOT.ttf"}

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