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Threading and Showing db tables with extra info

  • Hey guys, I am currently studing for master in electronics and computer engineering, and I'm currently developing an application, for "software engineering" course.

    Application: The purposed application has an tcp server able to handle several connections with the robots.
    I choosed to work with database/ no files, so i'm using a sqlite db to save information about the robots and their full history, models of robots, tasks, etc...
    The robots send us several data like odometry, tasks information, and so on...

    I create a thread for every new robot's connection to handle the messages and update the informations of the robots on the database. Now lets start talk about my problems:

    The application got to show information about the robots in realtime, and I was thinking about using QSqlQueryModel, set the right query and the show it on a QTableView but then I got to some problems/ solutions to think about:

    Problem number 1: There are informations to show on the QTableView that are not on the database: I have the current consumption on the database and the actual charge on the database in capacity, but I want to show also on my table the remaining battery time, how can I add that column with the right behaviour (math implemented) in my TableView.

    Problem number 2: I will be receiving messages each second for each robot, so, updating the db and the the gui(loading the query) may not be the best solution when I have a big number of robots connected? Is it better to update the table, and only update the db each minute or something like this? If I use this method I cant work with the table with the QSqlQueryModel to update the tables, so what is the approach that you recommend me to use?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    1. You can use a proxy model that adds the columns you want/need.

    2. You can keep updating the DB content and trigger the GUI update at some known interval or when a certains amount of changed happened to the database.