Run OS console instead of "Application Output" in Qt Creator

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    For a Qt Widgets Application, is it possible to display the usual operating system console (like it happens when you run a "Plain C++ Application" project) instead / in place of the "Application Output" at the bottom (of the Qt Creator window)? The reason is that I'd like some colors displayed in the console (for the Catch testing framework output.. I've also read it may be better to do the tests ina different project, but I'm not sure how to set up the second project in order to (maybe) automatically import sources in the main project).

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    You can try
    alt text
    and see if its useful.

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    Hmm, dont seem very functional when a GUI app.
    Tried to write to it but nothing happened.
    So maybe its not fun when it has GUI.

    I have tried such mix but maybe something like
    can work ?

  • @mrjj Thank you so much. The "Run in terminal" option actually worked for me (Ubuntu 17.04, Qt 5.8.0 x64, Qt Creator 4.2.1). Maybe if something goes wrong (hopefully not), I could also try looking at QConsole.

    Edit; I don't know why, but I cannot mark your post as the solution to my problem.

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    Super. I thought u were on windows. Its a bit different with "terminals" so im not
    surprised if it works better in linux.

    Hmm, yes you are right, i cannot see that menu item either ?!:)

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    Once marked as solved you can't select the "correct answer anymore" unless your revert the state.

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    Ahh, sneaky :)

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