How do I even implement the Web Engine?

  • Hello, I'm new to Qt and I don't know how to implement QtWebEngineView, I wanted to try to embed my website to my Qt program and I don't know how. Sorry because of how stupid this question is but I don't understand the documentation of it so I decided to ask how.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean in a C++ or QML application ?

  • C++ Application

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    Then take a look at the minimal widget example.

  • Ok, it worked but is there any way to embed it inside of a QMainWindow and also is there any way to edit it in QTDesigner.

    By the way, why am I subscribed to every forum? Is there any way to unsubscribe from all the forums?

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    Sure, QWebEngineView is a widget like QLabel.

    As for Qt Designer, I don't know for QWebEngineView.

    AFAIK, it's the default when creating an account however I currently don't know how to change that if it's possible.

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