Why configure can't find Qt Multimedia GStreamer package?

  • Hi,
    I working on Raspberry Pi 3 CrossCompile, again. GStreamer packages is already installed on system root directory. But configure says, "Qt Multimedia, GStreamer 1.0: No, GStreamer 0.10: No". How can i use Qt Multimedia on linux without this GStreamer problem?

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    If you are cross-compiling Qt you need to have the dev package for your target installed in its sysroot.

  • It installed on Target directory. But nothing has changed.

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    How did you install them ?

  • Firstly, i installed all required packages(with GStreamer) on raspberry pi 3 SD card. And i unplugged the sd card, copied all data to sysroot folder in my computer. I ran the configure tool. That's all buddy.

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    Good first step. Then the silly question: did you also install the corresponding dev packages ?

  • What do you mean by corresponding dev packages? I installed packages like libgstreamer, gstreamer 1.0, gstreamer 0.10, gstreamer-alsa, gsteramer-plugins.

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    You installed the packages needed for applications that use them to run. Since you need to build something with it, you have to install the matching development packages. Usually libname-dev.

  • I installed with using "-*" regex for all dev packages. No problem about package installing.

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    Then did you re-run the build from a clean state ?

  • I already did it all the first time.

    For your last attempt, I did run make clean, configure and i saw it again.

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    @Hakan-AFAT add -v parameter to configure call, then you will see what exactly is missing.

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