• I am trying to open the connection for reading and writing (I am working on Windows) but the program says that I have no permission and I don´t know how to open it. I have tried running as administrator but it doesn´t work.

    Here I post which part of code give me the error

    if (!serial.open(QIODevice::ReadWrite)) {

    qDebug("SERIAL PORT - NOT OPENED") ;
    qDebug()<<"error code = "<<serial.error();
    processError(tr("No puedo abrir el puerto %1, error code %2")


  • @kar95 give us some more Information about the code before the error where you set the port name, baudrate parity etc.

    Also a serial port my only have one open connecten across your operating system. If you have an other program that is accessing the port, opening it will always fail.

  • Thansk it was because I have the terminal Putty active too and it was the one which caused my conection problems. :D

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