image show error

  • Dear sir,
    when l cross-compile Qt5.8 for armv7 platform, and it's show app ok.
    when l slide the touchpanel, the picture of app can slide too, but when l slide picture A to pucture B, the panel show error, the panel left show a half of picture A and right show a half of picture B, so, l click on touchpanel, it's show picture B,
    when l get the data of framebuffer in panel driver, and to convert to picture, it's still show compound by picture A and B.
    so, l guset it may be error for picture synthesis in Qt, pls help me how to solve this question. thanks !

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    @junzhang Sorry, it is not clear what you are talking about.
    Can you show your code, so we can see how you show the pictures?

  • @jsulm
    the code and picture in , the passwd is xj26
    the panel show picture A, then l slide the panel, it shoud be show picute B, but it show error_picture.bmp.

  • @jsulm
    would you please help me to where is error, thank you

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