Use QFileSystemModel to view "Remote" File system

  • I am developing a GUI for special file transfers which shows user file/directory of local machine using QFilesSystemModel and view data within a QTreeView and/or QListView. I want to have same/similar UI where I can show files/folders of remote machine. I will implement my own serialization for the remote file/directory data and then add some rules to distinguish file/direoctory/parent-directolry/size/path etc and using our own IPC mechanism send it over the client machine and then add to my own model (QFileSystemModel) to view data in a QTreeView and/or QListView.. This is simular to what WinSCP and FileZilla (both free open-source applications)... and we cannot use QFTP, we cannot guarantee our remote system supports FTP.

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    Not sure, is this just a general shout-out? You did not state any actual question ;-)

  • Sorry, I am asking if Subclassing QFileSystemModel is the right approach and where to start, what functions do I need to override??
    i.e remoteFileSystemModel::data() remoteFileSystemModel::setData(), remoteFileSystemModel::headerData?? others?? any examples out there??

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The KIO framework might be of interest in your case.

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