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Constructor arguments of QKeyEvent ?

  • Hello,
    I must implement a simple virtual keyboard. It is not all clear for me how to do it. Buttons/Layout etc. is simple but how to send the keys.
    Here some code examples:

    QWidget * w = QApplication::focusWidget();
       QKeyEvent e(QEvent::KeyPress, Qt::Key_X,Qt::NoModifier, "ab");
       QApplication::sendEvent(w, &e);
       QKeyEvent e2(QEvent::KeyRelease, Qt::Key_A,Qt::NoModifier, "a");
       QApplication::sendEvent(w, &e2);

    Unclear is the constructor of QKeyEvent. Why argument 2 AND argument 4.
    Argument 2 should describe the key. For what is argument 4. I found that this string (multiple chars) will be send to the input widget and I must set here a string which is independent of argument 2. For what is argument 2 then ?
    Second question is: Must I send a keyrelease for proper working of the virtual keyboard.
    Any other tips for a developing a virtual keyboard are welcome, too.

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    I would seek inspiration in existing implementations

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    The QKeyEvent constructor documentation explains all the parameters.

  • Hello @mrjj ,
    as a inspiration it is good.
    They use an other concept, in the close sense it is not really a virtual keyboard. It works only with a QLineEdit (and its subclasses) and sends keystrokes never but rather manipulates the QLineEdit::text directly.

    In general I dont understand, why I must send a keystroke to a special widget with the following code (I in my code I look for the focused.)
    QApplication::sendEvent(wiget, &event);
    This works only for Qt-Apps. Why can I not send a key to the operating system and the system processes it relating to its rules ?

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    Oh, sorry I thought it would be more clever made.
    To send events to the OS, you need to use native API.

    Qt has support for handling the virtual keyboard
    notice the QEvent::RequestSoftwareInputPanel
    I have not tested these on Desktop but Docs seems not to limit use.

    If you want to make a native virtual keyboard that work with ANY app, you need to dive into the native app for that.

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