Using mouse and keyboard with Lighthouse

  • Hi! Has anyone ever tried to use Lighthose with mouse and keyboard? I've been able to use the eglfs platform plugin but I can't make mouse and keyboard work. It seems that the LinuxInput plugin is reading events from the device, but nothing reaches my widgets. Any idea of what there could be wrong?

  • Hi, I also encounter the same problem for using plug-in LinuxFb on an arm board.

    Then I tried to compile qt-4.8.0 technical preview with qpa [new name for Lighthouse] feature in Ubuntu-PC. The plug-in I choose in Ubuntu-pc is xlib. The application can handle the mouse and keyboard event well. There are two additional class QXlibKeyboard and QXlibCursor. These two class seems to used to handle the keyboard and mouse event respectively.

    Unfortunately, there is no libxcursor and glx libraries on the arm board.

    Maybe we should handle the event by ourselves or use xlib.

  • After read the code for src/plugin/platform/directfb and xlib.

    There are some example for how to send mouse/keyboard event to QtCore/QtGui.

    In class QWindowSystemInterface, there defined several static function for sending event to QtCore. For example, QWindowSystemInterface::handleMouseEvent(...).

    So, what we need to do is that reading mouse/keyboard event and call QWindowSystemInterface api to send it to QtCore.

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