Installation on Linux

  • The installer is built by using QtInstallaerFramework 2.0.5
    Qt 5.8.0
    Debian 8.7.0

    Please advise what I do wrong.
    When I try to install under root account - I haven't problem
    When I try to install under usual user account, installator ask me:
    Enter your password to authorize for sudo:

    I have entered password, and application stay as "freezed". Progress bar stay on one place - no any progress, no any mistakes.

    Any suggestions are welcome

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    @aliks-os said in Installation on Linux:


    Can you show how you try to install it as normal user?
    In which location do you try to install it?
    And what are you trying to install actually?

    1. as a normal user I double click on the application or from terminal ./application_name
    2. I try to install into home user folder
    3. custom application

  • @aliks-os is your user allowed to sudo?

  • @the_

  • @aliks-os I am running ubuntu 17.04, shouldn't be different.

    I installed the QtInstallerFramework via the MaintenanceTool, no problem.
    You can find the MT in the directory, where you installed Qt. For me it looks like:

    merlin@headquarter:/nodes/misc/storages/third-party-install/Qt$ ls
    5.7  components.xml  Docs      InstallationLog.txt  MaintenanceTool      MaintenanceTool.ini  QtIcon.png
    5.8  dist            Examples  Licenses             MaintenanceTool.dat  network.xml          Tools

    There is no need for sudo/root here.

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    @aliks-os He is installing an app packaged using QtInstallerFramework. It is not about how to install QtInstallerFramework.

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