disable tabs it tab widgit?

  • does anybody know how to disable tabs in the tab widget so I can manually switch tabs when the toolbar icons associated with each mode is clicked?

    I tried doing a borderless window way but that creates additional tabs on my window taskbar.

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  • no I will thankyou
    EDIT: sorry I should rephrase my question.
    I want to hide the tabs not disable them. when I said disable I meant only by clicking.

    EDIT2: I have also just tried "ui->tab->hide()" and the tabs are still visible

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    Then why use a QTabWidget ? A QStackedWidget sounds more fitting.

  • I figured I could just move the tabs off screen. that way I can still use them but only by the toolbar.
    btw I was wondering if it possible to achieve the tab effect with the toolbar? I know it sounds silly but I like the look of it.

    basicly I want the tool buttons to stay held down when I am in a certain tab.

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    QTabWidget is basically a QTabBar on top of a QStackedWidget.

    Just take one thing into account: if you are implementing this for other people, you are not following the platform guidelines which might throw off your application users.

  • oh ok I will do a QStackedWidget then.
    thankyou for the info.

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