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Why Qt5 QtWebView just for QML Application on Android and IOS

  • Qt5 QtWebView use the native webview apis to show web pages, and it's a very good iead. But why does QtWebView just support QML application? 
    I designd my mobie apps for Android and IOS. I chose Qt5, because it took only one day to design 10 pages of my apps. I love Qt very mush. But when I want webview to show a web page, there is no better solution. Two ways I can think of are: 1.QML WebView 2.Qt call Android and IOS code. But it will affect the user experience. So what should I do?
    Why does QtWebView not support C++ code? I just add it to UI files , and code my apps very fast. I know QML is very good , but we can't ignore C++.

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