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  • I'm working on Qt project,we developed one video app, but it is playing video but not audio on minnow board?(we used HDMI for input and Gstreamer to play video)... How to fix can anyone help?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Which version of Qt are you using ? On which platform ? With what compiler ?

  • version:Qt 5.7.0 compiler: GCC
    I developed app in Qt that present in Linux but trying to execute on Minnow board by Cross-compiling. It is working but audio is not playing.

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    Can you get proper audio from your device using another application ?

  • NO,Everything is working fine in linux,but not on minnow board.

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    Do you mean that you can't even get the audio working with the tools from your board ?

  • yes.....

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    Then you should first solved that problem.

    Qt's multimedia infrastructure works on top of the platform provided resources so you first have to make your board sing before you can write a multimedia application for it.

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