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.NET Support?

  • Hello,

    I just now found out about this tech and have been looking into it. It does appear to have Visual Studio integration, but everything that I have seen suggests that it is C++. Is there any .NET integration for this? Xaml would be awesome, too. :)

    Thank you for any assistance/information!

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    Is Qt a C++ framework ? Yes indeed.

    Are you looking for bindings or how to use .Net stuff in a Qt application ?

  • Well I am "watching" this thread but I never got a reply, d0h.

    I am basically looking to get my bearings around Qt and how it integrates with .NET (or if it's even possible?).

    Basically everything about .NET is awesome, but there's no way of deploying UI/clients currently. Well there are, but they aren't very good. And the ones that are good can't deploy to a webpage. So, any additional options would be great.

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    So something like the QtSharp project ?

  • Hey that's a start! Really looking for anything. Looks like it uses Mono as well. Thank you, @SGaist!

  • Ah... there was also a setting in my profile to receive emails on new notifications. That seems like it should be turned on by default, especially when you "Watch" something. This forum software is pretty awesome outside of that.

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