How do I deploy in-tree qt library to Raspberry Pi?

  • All,
    I have a library that I have build for the raspberry pi 3 using Qt5.8. It is built in-tree as a sub project. What is the best method to deploy this to rpi so that my main rpi qt app can use it. I have been manually copying it to lib directory.
    This is the pro setup:

    QT       += network
    QT       += serialport
    QT       -= gui
    TARGET = rpi-utils
    TEMPLATE = lib
    SOURCES += rpiutils.cpp \
               PIgpio.cpp \
    HEADERS += rpiutils.h\
            rpi-utils_global.h \
            PIgpio.h \
            IOserial.h \
    unix {
        target.path = /usr/lib
        INSTALLS += target

    Thank you for any help.

  • I usually have a lib directory in my application distribution tar/gz. I would put my supporting libs there.

    I have bash scripts that build my tar/gz distribution. Also in that script I have a start script which sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH so it can use the local lib directory rather than one at a system level.

  • @ambershark
    Thank you ambershark!
    I will use that method and mark as solved.

  • @sly110 No problem, if you'd like some examples of my set up let me know and I can post one here.

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