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Dual display using QT on IMX6 Android platform.

  • We need to start a QT application on one display(HDMI) and show video playback on another display(LVDS).
    Video playback will be started from QT application.
    Can some one suggest how to do this from QT on an embedded platform?

    Setup Details :

    Platform : iMX6Q SABRE-AI
    OS : Android Marshmallow
    QT : 5.7
    Display : HDMI and LVDS

  • Hey,

    I also want to do the same on nVidia TX1 with Ubuntu 16.04 Qt 5.5.
    But in my app Qt app on eDP Display and Video playback on HDMI out.

    Do you get any suggestions how it can be done in QT?

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    I'll try out soon Samsung S8 plus Samsung DeX
    Samsung DeX is connected to a HD Monitor via HDMI and apps running on S8 are automatically running on this external monitor as soon as S8 is placed into the DeX dock.

    will my QtQuickControls2 APP run under this environment ?
    will the change of DPI and size work ?

    I'll let you know ...