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QtCreator: scaling problems when using on two monitors with different DPI

  • I'm trying to set up QtCreator to work with two monitors of different DPI. E.g., my laptop's screen is high DPI, and the second connected monitor is lower DPI. The problem is that when I open new window from QtCreator and drag it into the lower DPI monitor, the text there is displayed very small (while the window header looks giant).

    If I try to increase the font using the second monitor as reference, it also increases on my laptop's monitor, so the font size becomes too large there and unreadable while it looks normal on the second screen.

    I tried to search for this problem on the forum, but could not get any info. The question is how do I make it work well with two monitors? For instance, Visual Studio or some other code editors (Sublime) do not have this type of problem. Is there any setting or parameter I need to tweak to make it work?

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    You should add which version of Qt Creator you are using, the exact OS you are running on etc.

  • Sorry for not including the details.
    I'm using Qt Creator 4.2.1 (based on Qt 5.8.0 with MSVC 2015 32 bit) on Windows 10, the latest update. The first screen has resolution 3840x2160 (15 inches) and the second screen is 1680x1050 (22 inches).

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