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Entry point not found

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    Hello everyone,

    i try to deploy my latest project for windows.

    For various reasons I have to build two versions of it. One build with mingw and one with MSVC2015.

    Everything works perfectly fine with the mingw build, but with MSVC I get the following error:

    Entry Point not Found
    The procedure entry point ?value@QProgressBar@@QBEHXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library

    I used the winddeployqt tool in both cases, to get all needed dll's and copied the missing ones.

    Did I get the wrong dll's, or the tool did?

    I would asume that QProgressbar is part of Qt5Widgets.dll or Qt5Core/Gui and those the tool copied into the folder.

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    @J.Hilk Yea one of those (either you or the tool) got the wrong DLLs would be my guess.

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    @ambershark That seems to be the case, for some reason the tool copied the dlls from the MinGW-Folder instead of the MSVC ... every single dll was the wrong one.

    That also explains, why no SQL-Driver was loaded. Wrong plugin-folder as well.

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