Compile QT 5.8 to cross-compile Beaglebone

  • Someone can explain me how can I compile Qt 5.8 for Beaglebone with the lasted image (Debian 8.7)?

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    Please search the forum a bit. There have been several post about that subject in the last months. e.g. this thread

  • @SGaist I've follow the post #13 of mzimmers, but i still cant develop an app using qt creator and qmake.
    I don't know what I am doing bad.
    Can you guide me how to setup?


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    What exact error are you getting ?

  • @SGaist I've do the next step based on

    The error that i get is:
    Creating qmake...
    Info: creating stash file /home/dario/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.8.0/.qmake.stash
    Info: creating super cache file /home/dario/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.8.0/.qmake.super

    Running configuration tests...
    Checking for gold linker... no
    Checking for valid makespec...
    ERROR: Cannot compile a minimal program. The toolchain or QMakeSpec is broken.

    Check config.log for details.

    The config.log file is here

    Can you help me?

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    Please add the -v option to have more details about what is happening.

    Also, you should do out of source build, so if something goes wrong you can just nuke the build folder and start anew.

  • Hi, SGaist and Dario -

    I had to rebuild my Linux system from scratch recently, and am just now getting my cross-development tools working with the Beaglebone Black. I think I'm almost there...right now, when I attempt to debug, I get an error message from the target system: "Architecture rejected target-supplied description."

    I've gone over my notes, and it doesn't seem like I encountered this before. The binary I build for the BBB does run (it's just hello world), so I'm wondering if the error message refers to the debugger I'm invoking? SGaist: any suggestions?

    Once I have this working, I'll make an improved write-up of the necessary steps and post it in this thread.

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    You are maybe using the wrong GDB to connect to your target.

  • Indeed I was. I can now debug hello world, though I am getting this warning when I start:

    Could not load shared library symbols for 7 libraries, e.g. /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/
    Use the "info sharedlibrary" command to see the complete listing.
    Do you need "set solib-search-path" or "set sysroot"?

    It didn't affect this particular program, but I'd like to remedy this. Can you please remind me what needs to be done here? As I recall, it's something to do with sysroot, but I can't remember the details.


    EDIT: I forgot to mention I also get this message at program startup:

    stdin: is not a tty

    Is this because I haven't allocated a terminal for the output of the debug session?

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    I never got that one but I'd check the Kit for the sysroot related stuff.

    That would make sense yes.

  • My BBB kit's sysroot is set to the one I downloaded from Linaro. Is there anything else I need to do? I don't copy it to the BBB, do I?

  • @mzimmers

    Hi! Once you have compiled qt-creator 5.8. did you get .so libraries for BBB?
    A mean, etc... for BBB debian images.
    what versions of .so libraries are installed now on your beaglebone black board?

  • @Andrey-Shmelew Compiling qt-creator does not give you those libraries. To get them, I believe you need to do a full build of Q for the BBB.

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