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complier not found in qt 4.8.7 and wrong value of CROSS_COMPLIE -device-option

  • Hello, Everyone

    currently, I installed the qt 4.8.7 in host PC linux-ubuntu 14.04.

    Previously, i installed QT 5.7.0 and make the QT code for target board.

    So i have GCC , Debugger, and QMake 5.7.0 version.

    but after that i formatted Linux PC, and installed qt 4.8.7 version.

    currently, i have GCC version, debugger version, and QMAKE version for target board.

    but when add that target board kit in QT creator with all specification needed. it seems ok..

    but when i run the code it gives following error...

    "Complier /opt/gcc-arm-linux/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-g++ not found.
    check the value of CROSS_COMPILE -device-option"

    please help me to solve this issues...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Where's your cross-compiler located exactly ?

  • @SGaist hello,

    the location of the complier is wrong..

    the problem is now solved.

    thank you.

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