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Singed Application keep showing "binary is improperly signed"

  • Hi I'm developing a Mac Application and it works perfectly when I have a unsigned version and press "Allow anyway", but when I sign it, the program wont start and I get some error from Utility Console, even though I get no errors whenI test if the application is signed correctly.

    The errors I get are:

    CoreServicesUIAgent: Error +60005 creating authorization
    CoreServicesUIAgent: Error SecAssessmentCreate: The operation couldn't be completed. (OSStatus error -67061.)
    kernel: CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page(0x1100bd000): p=1650[CoreServicesUIAg] final status 0x3004a00, denying page sending SIGKILL
    kernel: CODE SIGNING: process 650[CoreServicesUIAg]: rejecting invalid page at address 0x1100bd000 from 0x0 in file "/User/..../MyApp" (cs_mtime: 1491218743.0) (signed:1 validated: 1 wpmapped: 0 slid: 0) ([1650]) binary is improperly signed.
    diagnosticd: error evaluating process info - pid: 1650, puniqueid: 1650

    I dont know what to do from here and would be happy if anyone could give me direction to where to look for help

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should take a look here this might give you some information.

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